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  General Profile

  Set up at the initial stage of Reform and Opening-up,Nanshan Holdings developed from Nanshan Group and has Nanshan Group and New Nanshan International at present.After over 40 years’difficult struggling,Nanshan Holdings now has developed into a large scale private joint-stock enterprise group ranking the top among China’s Top 500 Enterprises.With over 40,000 employees at present,in 2019,its comprehensive strength ranked 176th among top 500 enterprises of China and 74th among top 500 enterprises in China’s manufacturing industry.Now it has four parks,Nanshan Industrial Park,Donghai Resort,West Coast New District,Qimu Island Port-centered Industrial Park and has formed a development pattern with various leading industries such as aluminum,textile,West Coast New District,real estate,finance,education,tourism,health and aviation.Along with constant expansion of industrial scale,Nanshan Holdings has gradually formed a strategic layout of centering on Longkou,radiating the whole China and going global.At present,it has set up branches or offices in Beijing,Tianjin,Shanghai,Shenzhen,Xinjiang,Hainan,Hong Kong,Qingdao,Yantai,etc.and established branches in multiple countries such as America,Germany,Australia,Italy,Singapore and Indonesia,and its internationalization process is constantly accelerated.

  Industrial Sectors

  In recent years,Nanshan Holdings has actively responded to the call of the national industrial transformation and upgrading policy,constantly enhanced the input and intensity of self technical innovation and always kept the trend of stable development,with the core competitiveness of various industries constantly improved.

  Nanshan Aluminum(stock code:600219)has formed the only complete aluminum processing industrial chain with the shortest distance possessing thermoelectricity,aluminum oxide,electrolytic aluminum,casting,aluminum profile/hot rolling-cold rolling-foil rolling/forge rolling solely in the same region throughout the world,and its terminal products are widely applied to several fields such as aviation,automobile,rail traffic,vessel,power and container.At present,it has become the supplier of many first-rate global enterprises such as CRRC,COMAC,United States Boeing,Britain Rolls-Royce,France SAFRAN,BMW and General Motors,and become the member of the top aviation materials supplier club in the world and the first producer of the aluminum sheet for four doors and two covers for passenger car in China.

  With its industrial chain covering various links such as wool purchase,processing of wool top,spinning and dyeing,spinning fabric,advanced ready-to-wear processing and brand operation,Nanshan Fabrics&Garments is an international leading production base of spinning and compact spinning fabric as well as advanced ready-to-wear.Series apparel products of“Nanshan”brand have been rated as“Famous Brand of China”and“Famous Trademark of China”,and its comprehensive strength always ranks top in China’s textile industry.

  West Coast New District insists on the principle of high-starting point planning,high-quality development and high-speed promotion,takes scientific and technological innovation as the lead,intelligent manufacturing as the means and protection of marine ecological environment as the root to build international first-class marine eco-friendly new material production base,and leads new economic growth point with advanced development concept to make active contributions to promoting regional economic development.

  Nanshan Real Estate now has possessed the comprehensive development power integrating recreational vocation,health preservation&endowment,tourism and trade service.It is guided by“customer demand”to consistently create livable boutique projects for customers,build boutique engineering for the society and provide one-stop brand-new life style for health preservation&endowment.At present,has developed more than 200 projects with a development area of over 15 million square meters.The development area covers Longkou,Yantai,Qingdao,Hainan,Beijing and other regions.The company has strategically cooperated with well-known domestic real estate enterprises such as Sunac,Sincere and Greenland to jointly build high quality tourism real estate projects.

  Nanshan Finance is devoted to building full license big finance layout in the fields of bank,securities,insurance,lease,equity investment,private fund,assets management,etc.

  Nanshan Education has formed the complete education and training system from kindergarten to university.Yantai Nanshan University is a private regular undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry of Education and possesses over 20,000 students at school.

  Nanshan Tourism now has possessed the business types such as National 5A Scenic Spot,Top 100 international travel services in China,multiple five-star resort hotels,international golf course,international standard conference and exhibition center,etc.and developed a diversified industrial structure system integrating tourism sightseeing and vacation,conference business,leisure and health preservation,festival conference and exhibition and study tour,etc.

  Nanshan Health Preservation successively invests and builds the health preservation facilities with first-rate facilities such as Apartment for the Aged,Nanshan University for Senior Citizens,Shandong University Nanshan Branch of Qilu Hospital,Nanshan Health Preservation Valley Health Town(including Business Street,Auditorium,Nanshan Yard,etc.),Nanshan Health Preservation Center of Shandong University Nanshan Branch of Qilu Hospital and Nanshan Medical Care Training Center.Led by four concepts,“cultural endowment,housing endowment,leisure endowment and health endowment”,it is committed to building a domestic first-rate health preservation resort.

  Nanshan Aviation is devoted to building an aviation industry group integrating aviation transportation,business flight,aviation education and manufacturing of aviation materials and now has formed Nanshan Business Jet Co.,Ltd.,Nanshan Aeronautical College and Qingdao Aeronautical Co.,Ltd.

  Core Advantages

  The capability of independent innovation is the key to the success of the industrial development of Nanshan.Nanshan Holdings has such technical research and development platforms as national enterprise technology center,academician workstation and postdoctoral workstation,which establishes the only“Aluminum Alloy Pressure Processing Engineering Technology Research Center”in the Chinese aluminum processing industry,and cooperates with research academies including Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials,Shandong University,Central South University,Northeastern University and Xi`an Polytechnic University, improve the technical innovation ability and transfer ratio of research achievements.Thereinto,Nanshan Aluminum and Nanshan Fabrics&Garments have undertaken technical research and development projects of the state or above the provincial level for many times,and a lot of achievements are in the international leading or advanced level.Nanshan ever won such technical awards as the First Prize of Shandong Technical Progress Award and Shandong Governor Quality Prize.

  Social Responsibility

  While developing the economy,Nanshan Holdings never forgets to fulfill its social responsibilities and successively drives the villagers of 36 surrounding villages to realize common prosperity,realizing the transfer from villagers to citizens and villages to cities.Besides,Nanshan Holdings also establishes charitable mutual fund and education scholarship to help worker families and poor students in trouble,and actively participates in social public welfare career such as road construction,environmental protection,afforestation,disaster relief and donation,making active contributions to boosting the new rural construction,new urbanization construction and rural revitalization strategy,promoting the local economy and social development and other aspects.

  The development of Nanshan Holdings benefits from the reform and opening-up policy of the party and the state,the care and support of party committees and governments at all levels,the Nanshan spirit of“loyal,responsible,hardworking and devoted”,and the development concept of“not to do it unless do it best”formed by the old generations of Nanshan entrepreneurs in the long-time practice,as well as the diligent struggling of all Nanshan people.Facing new times,based on new starting point and taking new journey,Nanshan Holdings will be guided by the corporate philosophy of“integrity,optimization,innovation and development”to make new contribution to promoting replacing old growth drivers with new ones and realizing high-quality development with building the hundred-year Nanshan as the goal.