Culture idea

Corporate image: Good morality towards perfection, accumulated hills towards mountain

Corporate spirit: loyalty, responsibility, diligence and dedication

Corporate philosophy: empty talk misleads deeds and business promotion starts from hard work

Management philosophy: integration, optimization, innovation and breakthrough

Principle of thought: taking loyalty as the first, kindness as the virtue, faith as the basis and honesty as the foundation

Code of conduct: modesty, quietness, prudence and pragmatism

Cultural concept: orthocore, potential, morality, optimal technique, integration and practice

Corporate vision: building a centenary Nanshan and casting a centenary brand

Corporate mission: improving the quality and taste of life with high-quality products and services

Corporate style: keeping in step vigorously and speedily

Image concept: knowing propriety, speaking rigorously and behaving respectfully

Professional ethics: building the image of Nanshan in every word and deed to serve the development of Nanshan wholeheartedly

Value concept: benefiting the hometown and repaying the society

Brand concept: establishing the consciousness of high-quality products and creating an international brand

Core concept: unremitting self-improvement, forging ahead, daring to be the first, and challenging a new height bravely

Development philosophy: leading in everything we do and striving for the best; pursuing for the development without the end

Business philosophy: highlighting the main business with chain operation and developing steadily to be more and more stronger

Learning philosophy: to be a learning-oriented employee and create a learning-oriented enterprise

Market concept: exploring the market honestly and winning the market with quality

Service concept: customer satisfaction is our working standard

Work philosophy: doing our best with efficiency first

Life philosophy: creating harmony and dedicating sincerely

Talent idea: being diploma-oriented and level-focused, selecting right person according to the ability and giving full scope to the talents

Safety concept: safety first with unremitting efforts

Product philosophy: having what others don't have and being newer than what others have

Quality concept: quality is the life of the enterprise