Group Profile Founder of Speech History of Nanshan Honors of Nanshan Global layout

In 1989, Nanshan Group was founded. In 1994, all villagers in Qiansong Village said goodbye to traditional farmers’ lives and lived a brand new urban life. 

From early 1990s to the end of last century, Nanshan People tightly seized the rare opportunity in a new round of development after Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech, earnestly implemented the spirit of Hu Jintao’s important instructions during his inspection visit to Nanshan and continuously carried out large-scale investments, making Nanshan Group enter the rapid expansion stage of development. Centering on improving the development level of the enterprise, Nanshan People decisively abandoned some projects with high consumption and low efficiency, and concentrated on developing new projects and new industries. From the annual investment of hundreds of million yuan in the beginning to the later investment of thousands of million yuan and even several billion yuan, industrial projects such as spinning, thermoelectric plant, winery, electrolytic aluminum, education and tourism were continuously constructed with dozens of categories and thousands of kinds of main products, which enabled the enterprise to develop rapidly all over China. In December 1999, the stock of Nanshan Industrial Co., Ltd. (the existing Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd.) was successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange.