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Since its start after reform and opening-up, Nanshan makes the current development achievements after 40 years of efforts, which not only makes all Nanshan people proud, but also attracts wide attention from all sectors of society. In conclusion, the development experience of Nanshan is mainly: firstly, the spring breeze of the national reform and opening-up stimulates Nanshan and the Party and the government’s call of “think of the source of getting rich, make progress after becoming affluence” guides Nanshan; secondly, the care and support of various levels of Party committees, governments and all sectors of society cultivate Nanshan; thirdly, the united efforts and diligent and practical contributions of Nanshan people accomplish Nanshan. Nanshan spirit of loyalty, responsibility, diligence and dedication bursts forth strong vitality in enterprise operation. Nanshan people certify with their practice: as long as there is dream in heart and efforts are made, there is a chance to create miracles!