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Chinese Historical Culture Park

Chinese History and Culture Park in Nanshan Scenic Spot is the large theme scenic spot, which is constructed according to the chronological sequence from ancient time to Qing Dynasty in China at present and takes the historic culture as the longitude and the propitious culture as the latitude and occupies an area of 6km2. By virtue of the Chinese ancient buildings in different historical periods and with different styles and historic records and physical displays, this Park vividly presents the general trends, important cultural relics and events as well as the representative figures of Chinese history during the five thousand years, integrates historic culture, propitious culture, folk culture, cooking culture, civil culture, etc. together according to the tourism requirements, and comprehensively shows the extensive and profound Chinese civilization and the colorful national culture as a vivid general history of China, so this Park is the place for the tourists to appreciate the Chinese civilization and the historical evolution of the Chinese descendant as well as the influential man. 

Nanshan Jade Buddha in the Park is composed of Jade Buddha Hall, Medicine Buddha Mandala and Buddhist Relics Hall, and the Burmese Medicine Jade Buddha with the height of 13.66m and the weight of more than 660t is consecrated in Jade Buddha Hall, which is the largest and tallest Jade Buddha. Six Medicine Jade Buddhas with different colors are consecrated around the Giant Jade Buddha to form Seven Medicine Buddhas of the Medicine Buddha Sutra. Additionally, the Park is also provided with Tropical Rainforest Garden, Farming Expo Park, Grotto, Kwan-yin Cave, tourism cableway, etc. In July 2003, the Park was named as “Middle School History Teaching Scenery Base” and “Juvenile’s Patriotism Education Base”.