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Celebration Meeting of the 40th Anniversary of Establishment of Nanshan Group and the 30th Anniversary of Founding of Nanshan Education was Grandly Held

On the morning of October 20, the Celebration Meeting of the 40th Anniversary of Establishment of Nanshan Group and the 30th Anniversary of Founding of Nanshan Education was grandly held in Nanshan Grand Theatre. The meeting reviewed and summarized the entrepreneurship and development history of Nanshan in the past 40 years, clarified the future development direction of Nanshan, and encouraged all cadres and employees to make persistent efforts to achieve the ambition of “building a centenary Nanshan”. The main leaders of the group company and the leading cadres at or above deputy director level of each unit attended the meeting, and foreign agencies participated in the meeting through video. Wang Yuhai, General Manager of Xinnanshan International , presided over the meeting.

In 1978, under the guidance of the Party’s reform and opening up policy, Nanshan Group seized the opportunity and dared to be the first to start from founding manual workshop, exploring a unique “industry-prospered village” road, leading urbanization through industrialization, leading more than 30,000 villagers in 36 surrounding villages to achieve common prosperity and moderate prosperity. Nowadays, it has become a modern and international enterprise with more than 40,000 employees and operating income of RMB 100 Billion Yuan, making positive contributions to solving employment and promoting local economic development.

While developing the economy, Nanshan also began to invest in education in order to allow children to receive better education. Since the establishment of the first kindergarten in 1988, it has formed a complete education system from kindergarten to university. In the past 30 years, it has cultivated for the society a large number of compound talents with both ability and integrity. 

At the celebration meeting, Cheng Rence, Executive Director of Nanshan Holdings, delivered a speech on three aspects: reviewing the development process, summarizing the development experience and looking forward to the future. He expressed that in the past 40 years, Nanshan people have seized the opportunity of reform and opening up. Relying on hard working, pioneering and innovating, it has realized the leap-forward development from agriculturalization to industrialization and from industrialization to urbanization. While consolidating the industrial chain, it has also actively developed tertiary industries such as education, tourism, pension, real estate and finance, and rapidly grown into a modern enterprise with strong comprehensive strength. In the process of development, it has formed the essence of Nanshan culture, which includes hard work, dedication, innovation and struggle for first class. This is the most valuable asset left by the older generation of entrepreneurs. Every Nanshan person must inherit and carry forward the spirit of Nanshan in accordance with the work requirements of “integration, optimization, innovation and breakthrough”. Dare to act, take responsibility, be dedicated, and make greater contributions to the sustainable, coordinated and high-quality development of Nanshan.

Song Zuolan, General Manager of Xinnanshan International, summarized the contributions of Nanshan in fulfilling social responsibilities, driving neighboring villages to become rich and improving the welfare of villagers, as well as the development achievements of the tourism industry and the health-care industry.

Wu Guohua, President of Nanshan University, reviewed the development and growth of Nanshan Education, the development achievements and the future goals of Nanshan University around three key words “moved, thankful and feeling”.

Luo Qiang, General Manager of Nanshan Group and General Manager of Yulong Chemical, reported the planning position and construction progress of the West Coast Industrial Park. The project adheres to high starting point planning and high quality development, and is committed to building a world-class marine environment-friendly new material production base. In the future, it will lead Nanshan to create a new economic growth point.

Sun Zhiliang, Director of Operations of Nanshan Industrial, spoke on behalf of retirees, and advocated that retired comrades should keep consistent with the development of the group company, actively maintain the company’s image and interests, and at the same time educate children to cherish the hard-won development achievements of Nanshan, inherit and carry forward the hard work and enterprising spirit of the older generation of entrepreneurs.

Song Riyou, General Manager of Xinnanshan International and Chief Financial Officer of Nanshan Holdings, Gu Huafeng, Chief Engineer of Light Alloy Company, Wang Xiang, Sales Director of Donghai Real Estate, and Liu Meina, Head of Engineering Department of Nanshan University, respectively spoke on behalf of young leading cadres, technology R&D personnel, marketing personnel and teachers. They talked about their experiences in training and growing up in Nanshan. They thanked the group company for providing a broad development platform and expressed that they would continue improving their comprehensive capabilities and make new and greater contributions to Nanshan development.

The development of Nanshan has always received the concern and support from all walks of life. Before the celebration meeting, it has received congratulatory letters from more than 100 cooperation units. Part of congratulatory contents of clients was read out at the meeting.

Chairman of Nanshan Holdings made a concluding speech at the celebration meeting. On behalf of the board of directors of Nanshan Holdings, he expressed sincere gratitude to the Party committees at all levels, governments and friends from all walks of life who have been concerned about and supported Nanshan development for 40 years, and all the cadres and staff who have worked hard for Nanshan Development. He systematically reviewed and summarized the development history of Nanshan in the past 40 years, and analyzed the development characteristics of different stages, including hard start period, diversified rapid development period, leap-forward development stage, transformation and upgrading stage, integrated optimization and innovated breakthrough stage, and summarized the experience and lessons in the development process. He expressed that today’s development achievements are hard-won, both experience and lessons are precious, the successful experience should be carried forward, and the lessons should be regarded as the warning and motivation for future improvement work.

The Chairman further clarified the future development direction of Nanshan. It will adhere to the strategy of resource integration and strengthening the company by talents, comprehensively promote the innovation strategy and cooperation strategy, and adhere to the development concept of “integration, optimization, innovation and breakthrough”. While consolidating the existing industrial foundation and maintaining the steady development, it will continue to increase investment, revitalize resources, expand cooperation, and strive to build a second Xinnanshan by 2026, laying a solid foundation for building a centenary enterprise. At the same time, the Chairman put forward three requirements for young cadres: firstly, they must be diligent, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, always maintain entrepreneurial passion and have a sense of pioneering and innovation; secondly, they must be smart, strong and independent, keep calm and assertive when anything crops up, bravely face the difficulties, and believe that methods are always more than difficulties; thirdly, they need to upgrade the realm without counting personal cost, cherish the opportunities and platforms provided by the company, always be grateful, see achievements, compare contributions, and reflect personal values in work practice.

At the end of the meeting, all the cadres and employees attending the meeting jointly vowed: always adhere to the Nanshan spirit of “loyalty, responsibility, diligence and dedication”; strive to practice the corporate philosophy that “empty talk leading the enterprise astray, and hard work rejuvenating the company”; actively implement the development ideas of “integration, optimization, innovation and breakthrough”; be loyal to the company’s cause, execute company’s decision-making and safeguard company’s interests and image; always be with gratitude and fulfill social responsibilities; dare to take responsibility and be willing to dedicate; inherit and carry forward the fine traditions and work styles of the older generation of entrepreneurs; seek truth from facts and be honest, trustworthy, modest, low-key, pioneering and innovative; spare no pains and work hard with full enthusiasm, high fighting spirit, hundred times of confidence and firm conviction, to create a centenary Nanshan and to achieve the centenary ambition!