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Representatives of Foreign Media Visited Nanshan

On March 18, under the leadership of related people of Australian Wool Innovation Limited, foreign media journalists from Italy Business Daily and Farm Weekly visited the group company to survey the development situation of Nanshan Fabric & Garment Co., Ltd.

Foreign media journalists successively visited such places as the Reception Center, Spinning Wool Top Plant, Dyeing Center, Wool Innovation Center, Spinning Mill, Weaving Plant and Apparel Hilton Plant, listened to the introduction to the production situation of the company carefully, and had a careful understanding of the cooperation between Nanshan Fabric & Garment Co., Ltd. and Australian Wool Innovation Limited. In addition, they also had an in-depth interview about such topics as the significance of the cooperative partnership to the business operation of Nanshan. During the period, the guests had a further understanding of the development situation of Nanshan Fabric & Garment Co., Ltd. and thought highly of the scientific and reasonable industrial distribution as well as the chained operation principle of the company.