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Nanshan Scenic Spot Won the Laurel of “2014 Top International Tourism Holiday Destination”

A few days ago, “2014 International Tourism & Holiday Destination Forum” was jointly held by International Tourism Studies Association,, Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau and Zhoushan People’s Government in Putuo, Zhoushan, Zhejiang. On the scene, the list of “Annual Top Tourism & Holiday Destination” was disclosed at the forum. There were 9 cities, counties, tourist resorts and scenic spots from Shandong included, in which Nanshan Scenic Spot in Longkou was granted the title of “Top International Tourism & Holiday Destination”.

With the development of economy and the improvement of living standard, traveling in holiday has become one of the most important recreational modes for people, which also puts forward new requirements for high-quality resort destination. The publication of the Outline of People’s Travel and Leisure drives the transformation and upgrading of China’s tourism industry and makes the tourism development strategy change from building a tourist destination from a tourism, holiday and leisure destination.

As an excellent national Buddhist cultural tourist attraction, Nanshan Tourism is highly appreciated by many evaluators and strongly recommended by official organizers with good holiday environment, abundant leisure holiday resources, mature and perfect supporting facility construction, excellent holiday products, etc.

Responsible directors of Nanshan Scenic Spot indicated that Nanshan would gradually apply the International Standard of International Tourism & Holiday Destination on relevant practices in Nanshan Tourism and drive the healthy development of Nanshan Tourist Destination from such aspects as development of tourism & holiday products, construction of tourism & holiday supporting facilities, improvement of tourism & holiday services, marketing of tourism & holiday market, harmonious development of ecological environment and application of intelligent informatization technology to better meet the people’s demand for leisure holiday, drive the tourist consumption and lead the sustainable development of the industry taking this awarding as an opportunity.