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“Zero-Gram-Weight” Ultrathin Suit Fabric of Nanshan Spinning Won the Honorary Title of Top 10 Innovative Textile Product of the Year

Lately, on the China Textile Innovation Conference, new product developed by Nanshan Spinning won Top 10 Innovative Textile Product.

It is learned that this award is granted to the products finally selected through China National Textile and Apparel Council Productivity Promotion Department’s qualification and form examination, on-site appraisal and consumer voting of the applying enterprises and products. According to the introduction, “Zero-Gram-Weight” ultrathin suit fabric of Nanshan Spinning adopts high-end eco-friendly natural fabric including 84% of superfine wool and 16% of silkworm filament, with the gram weight per square meter low to 124 g, which is extremely elegant, thin, skin-friendly and soft and has good air permeability.

As for the men suits of nowadays society, because of application of too many accessories, the weight of the suits is increased, thus the suits will pressurize the body and constrain our body; meanwhile, the air permeability and moisture permeability of the suits are weakened. Given the people’s demand for de-pressurized and relaxing suits, being light and thin becomes an important direction of design, therefore, “Zero-Gram-Weight” ultrathin suit fabric becomes a key material for making light, comfortable and air-permeable suites.

Relevant principals of this company expressed: the series of “Zero-Gram-Weight” ultrathin suits jointly developed by Nanshan Spinning and Saint Angelo, with the fabric provided by Nanshan Spinning, had a good trend in the market. Next, “Zero-Gram-Weight” ultrathin suit products would be made as a featured product series of the company to form an important lifting point of profit from product sales in the future.