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Multiple Products of Nanshan Aluminum and Zhishan Technology Were Selected as 2018 Shandong Top Brand Products

Lately, Shandong Quality Evaluation Association and Shandong Council for Brand Development published the list of 2018 Shandong Top Brand Products. Multiple products of Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. such as aluminum alloy strip for body of zip-top can, cold-rolled band strip for aluminum foil, aluminum and aluminum alloy board and strip for cover and pull ring of zip-top can as well as those of Shandong Dellma Garment Co., Ltd. such as men’s suits, overcoats and shirts won the title of “2018 Shandong Top Brand Products”.

It is learned that the recognition catalog of “Shandong Top Brand” in 2018 was proposed according to the Implementation Plan of Significant Projects in Replacing Old Growth Drivers with New Ones in Shandong Province and made by ten industries with key development such as high-end equipment industry, new energy and new material industry and high-end chemical industry. It insists on the working mechanism of recognition of innovative top brands, voluntary application by the organization, the principles of impartiality, fairness, openness and gratuitousness; insists on taking market as the orientation and consumer recognition as the basis; and pays attention to comprehensive recognition and selection among those good. The top brands are selected through the recognition links such as qualification review, (online) recognition of materials, on-site (unannounced) inspection, user sampling survey, quality and credit evaluation and opinion solicitation.

In recent years, the products of multiple categories of Nanshan have won the title of “Shandong Top Brand”, which fully embodies the comprehensive strength of Nanshan in the aspects such as enterprise productivity, product quality assurance, personnel quality, process and equipment level, innovative development ability, brand development and social responsibility, indicates that the products of Nanshan are leading in the same industry in the province and form a batch of “Shandong Top Brand” with strong ability of independent innovation, high scientific and technological content, professional service and high domestic and overseas popularity and reputation.