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Nanshan Tourism Won Laurels of Provincial Tourism Service Famous Brand and Demonstration Base of Health Care

On January 21, 2018 Annual Meeting of Shandong Tourism Trade Association was held in Jinan Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel, nearly 400 persons including Chairman Wang Degang, Deputy Chairman Wang Yanhui, Li Haifeng, Zhang Shanjiu, Niu Hubing and Jing Zaixian and Chief Supervisor Song Deli of Shandong Tourism Trade Association, the principals of 18 industry branches such as industry branch of scenic spots in various cities, tourism agency industry branch, tourism health care industry branch and golf industry branch, tourism associations of enterprises and public institutions such as key tourism groups, scenic areas, travel agencies and hotels and various professional branches, representatives of award-winning units and award-winning individuals and relevant cooperation units and media journalists participated in the Annual Meeting.

In this Annual Meeting, Wang Yanhui, deputy chairman of Shandong Tourism Trade Association gave an overall summary of the work of the association in 2018 and deployed the main work in 2019. The principals of Jinan Tourism Federation, Tai’an Tourism Association, Tourism Health Care Branch and Tourism Education Branch give typical speech respectively.

On the Annual Meeting, the summary and award-giving activities for evaluation and selection such as Shandong Province Tourism Service Famous Brand, Entrepreneurship Star of Shandong Province Rural Tourism, and Excellent Hot Spring Enterprises in Shandong Province were also held. In 2018, with the tenet of “commending and encouraging the advanced units and individuals and improving the service quality and service level of the industry”, Shandong Tourism Trade Association and various professional branches carried out a series of evaluation and selection activities among the member units and evaluated the awards such as Shandong Province Tourism Service Famous Brand, Entrepreneurship Star of Shandong Province Rural Tourism, Demonstration Units in Innovative Business in Shandong Tourism Attractions, Excellent Hot Spring Enterprises in Shandong Province and Shandong Province Demonstration Bases in Tourism Health Care. Among it, Nanshan Tourism Group was awarded two prizes by Shandong Tourism Trade Association, “Shandong Province Tourism Service Famous Brand” and “Shandong Province Demonstration Bases in Tourism Health Care”, to win the honors at the beginning of the New Year of 2019. 

In 2018, Nanshan Tourism Group closely centered on the work deployment of tourism development of the whole province to constantly deepen the tourism development in the whole field, promote deep integration between tourism industry and upstream and downstream industries, promote Shandong tourism to transfer from high-speed growth phase to high-quality development phase in an all-round way, give play to comprehensive advantages of Nanshan Tourism Group and contribute the available energy of Nanshan Tourism Group.

In 2019, Nanshan Tourism Group will continue to carefully take the lead to deepen the regional cooperation and coordinated development; optimize the environment of tourism service, improve the service level and product quality and promote the service level and innovative capacity of the industry to be constantly improved; advocate the excellent traditional culture; and build the sharing platform for industrial integration to make contributions to high-quality development of culture and tourism integration.