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Alloy Ingots of Nanshan Aluminum Won the Golden Cup Award for Physical Quality of Non-Ferrous Metal Products

Recently, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association examined and evaluated part of the products of the national aluminum industry evaluation. “Nanshan” A356.2 alloy ingots produced by the foundry workshop of electrolysis plant of Nanshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. won the “Golden Cup Award for Physical Quality of Non-Ferrous Metal Products” and was praised by the expert group that “the physical product reaches the international level of similar products”, winning the honor for Nanshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

As introduced, A356 alloy is a typical Al-Si-Mg ternary alloy with good fluidity, small linear shrinkage and no tendency to thermal cracking. Through heat treatment, it can have high strength, good plasticity and high impact toughness, becoming the preferred material for aluminum wheel hub of automobile casting.

The casting workshop of Nanshan Electrolysis Plant always follow the requirements of the company and the branch. From raw materials to finished products, and from process to record, all links are carefully checked. Large furnace sample, on-the-spot furnace sample, finished sample and section must meet the requirements of internal control. (The internal control requirements are that the company narrows the scope of the component standard proposed by customers and makes it more strict.)

The A356.2 alloy ingot produced in the casting workshop has a pinhole degree up to grade II. No oxidation inclusion, porosity, segregation, crack or other defects are allowed. There are strict controls for hydrogen content and purification degree. With excellent quality, it has been in short supply.

The importance of product quality for enterprise is self-evident. Adhering to the concept of “leading in everything we do and striving for the vest best”, in order to ensure the security of product quality, Nanshan Aluminum strictly implements lean management, comprehensively imports product production quality management concept with a higher starting point in the aspect of quality management, and sets up quality assurance system independent of the production management to strengthen the quality inspection and quality supervision of the product realization process, solve the conflicts in output, cost and quality, fundamentally eliminating the malady of sacrificing quality and realizing the transform of the quality management concept.

It is reported that Nanshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. implements the comprehensive quality management mode in quality management, checks at each level, and makes everyone responsible, so that quality is controlled in each production source. Creating Nanshan brand and offering high-quality products are the eternal pursuit of Nanshan Aluminum Industry in the production.