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Paul Scala, President of Virgin Australia Airlines, and His Party Visited and Inspected Nanshan
From June 3 to June 5,the delegation consisting of four persons including Paul Scala,president of Virgin Australia Airlines,and Cortney Peterson,vice president,came to Nanshan to visit and inspect the development conditions and relevant industries of the company,Song Jianmin,president of the Group Company,and relevant leaders accompanied.During the period,Song Zuowen,president of Nanshan Holdings,Song Jianbo,president of Nanshan Group,and Cheng Rence,executive director of Nanshan Holdings,respectively met and talked with the guests.

Paul Scala and his party firstly came to Nanshan Reception Center to listen to the introduction to the development conditions of each industry in details.In Nanshan Development Museum,the delegation learned about the entrepreneurship journey of Nanshan and admired the development achievements of the company during over forty years.

  The members of the delegation learned about the development history of Nanshan and the products of Nanshan Aluminum

Then,Paul Scala and his party paid a field visit to the projects such as wool worsted fabric production line,garment production line,fashion square,Nanshan Aeronautical College,Qingdao Aviation Training Center,Industrial Park of Aluminum Aviation Materials and Qingdao Airlines to have an intuitive understanding of the operation mode of textile&apparel and aluminum industry chain and development conditions of aviation industry chain of the company.During the visit,Paul Scala and his party sufficiently affirmed the development mode of developing multiple industries simultaneously and scientific and long-term development planning of Nanshan Group and appreciated the concept and practice of various industries for seeking for excellent and innovative development.

  Visiting wool worsted fabric production line

  Visiting Nanshan Garment Fashion Square

  Visiting Turbo-jet Engine Laboratory of Nanshan Aeronautical College

  Taking a group photo to mark the occasion in Qingdao Aviation Training Center

  Happily communicating with the leaders of Qingdao Airlines

  Listening to the enterprise introduction made by the employee of Qingdao Airlines

  Having a communication in professional fields with the employee of Qingdao Airlines

After the visit was over,Paul Scala and his party respectively had discussions with the management teams of Nanshan Textile&Apparel and Qingdao Airlines to negotiate the aspects such as apparel supply,network cooperation of air routes,exchange and training of flight attendants and information technology support.Both parties hoped to take this visit and inspection as the opportunity to further deepen understanding,enhance emotion,expand exchange and cooperation and constantly explore new space for exchange and cooperation to realize joint development.

  Having discussion and exchange with the main leaders of Nanshan Textile&Apparel Company

  Having discussion and exchange with the main leaders of Qingdao Airlines

Founded in 2000,with the head quarters in Brisbane,Virgin Australia Airlines is the second largest airline company in Australia,with its air routes covering the main airports and important aviation node cities in Australia.It operates several international air routes to North America and Southeast Asia,accounting for nearly 40%of the domestic aviation service market share in Australia.Nanshan Capital became a shareholder of Virgin Australia Airlines in 2016 and holds 20%of its shares at present,with the rest shares possessed by Singapore Airlines,Etihad Airways Global,Hainan Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airways respectively.