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Viewing Yantai from the Perspective of the Media, Focusing on the Innovation of Manufacturing Industry, National Mainstream Media Press Corps Visited and Interviewed Nanshan Aluminum

On June 13,“Viewing Yantai from the Perspective of the Media,Focusing on the Innovation of Manufacturing Industry”National Media Yantai Collection Journey Activity entered Nanshan Aluminum Co.,Ltd.,over 30 journalists from the national mainstream media such as,Xinhua Net,Dazhong Website,WWW.DZWWW.COM and ShanDong TV deeply went to Nanshan Aluminum to visit and interview the enterprise about the experience,practice and achievements in the aspects such as strategic innovation and green development.

In the exhibition hall of Nanshan Aviation Materials Industrial Park,the national media press corps learned about the development history,enterprise culture,complete aluminum industry chain,aviation panel,auto panel,international market layout,etc.of Nanshan Aluminum in details under the guidance of the narrator.Facing various hi-end product samples displayed in the exhibition hall,the members of the press corps admired at the R&D and innovation ability of Nanshan Aluminum and had a deep understanding of the product structure,application field,etc.of the enterprise.

After visiting the exhibition hall,the press corps also visited the sheet factory of Medium Thick Plate Company to see the production equipment and technological process of aluminum products,thus feeling the overall strength of Nanshan Aluminum more intuitively.

In recent years,Nanshan Aluminum insisted on the development strategy of“innovation-driven,hi-end manufacturing and deep processing”,aimed at the aviation materials and auto panel products representing the highest development level of the industry to achieve one new breakthrough after another in the aspects such as R&D innovation and qualification accreditation.Now it has established deep cooperation relationships with domestic and overseas famous aviation enterprises such as Boeing,Airbus,Safran,Rolls-Royce and COMAC,and become the material supplier of first-rate auto producers such as BMW and Volkswagen.In addition,Nanshan Aluminum grasped the development opportunity of“the Belt and Road”to invest and develop the project of aluminum oxide in Indonesia,thus further optimizing its industry chain structural layout.

After the collection activity was over,the national media has a special report of the experience of Nanshan Aluminum in driving high-quality development with innovation.This national media’s Yantai journey activity aims at deeply digging the experience and practice of the enterprises in strategic innovation,technical innovation,product innovation,management innovation,intelligent manufacturing,green development,etc.and taking all-around and three-dimensional communication means to comprehensively record and display the important measures and fruitful achievements of Yantai in accelerating innovation of manufacturing industry.