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Developing the Silver Age Career to Create a Health Resort, Shandong Longkou Nanshan International Health Valley Town Fully Open to the Outside World

On July 20, in a hot summer where wind blows willow, an auditorium that combines Chinese and western elements stood in a purple and enshrouded sea of flowers, and the “heart-shaped” symbol, “fu” paper-cut, LOVE paper-cut, double happiness flower stand, combined wedding ring modeling and other cultural sculptures in the square embodied more and more romance and beauty in the sunshine of July. This was the auditorium square of Shandong Longkou Nanshan International Health Valley Town. This morning, the launch ceremony of Shandong Longkou Nanshan International Health Valley Town & Health Care Center with the theme of “enjoying the whole world• living a peaceful life in old age” was solemnly held here. Relevant leaders from Shandong Tourism Trade Association, Tourism and Health Care Branch of Shandong Tourism Trade Association, Yantai Culture and Tourism Bureau, Longkou Culture and Tourism Bureau, Longkou Civil Affairs Bureau and Longkou Health Bureau attended the launching ceremony. More than 300 people including main leaders of Nanshan Holding, representatives of real estate agents, representatives of travel agents and healthy care organizations, representatives of famous studios and wedding companies, representatives of the media and local residents of Nanshan and representatives of old and new owners of the real estate witnessed a good time together.

At 9 o ‘clock a.m., there were no empty seats in the town hall which has just been completed. The launching ceremony performances of Nanshan International Health Valley Town and Health Care Center raised the curtain in the small folk music ensemble of “Golden Years”. A series of wonderful programs including male and female solo, model performance, folk music ensemble and Beijing Opera performance, rendered the scene atmosphere ardently and happily, and the performance successfully ended in the majestic dance “Singing in Prosperous Time”.

At the following launching ceremony, after leaders and guests watched the promotional video which gave a comprehensive introduction to the development status of Nanshan Health Care Industry, a leader of Shandong Tourism Trade Association delivered a speech at first, who expressed warm congratulations to the launching of Nanshan Health Valley Town & Health Care Center on behalf of Shandong tourism industry and indicated that the construction of health valley town greatly expanded the scale of tourism and health care industry of Shandong and would be an industry benchmark of the tourism and health care section in the future. At the same time, Nanshan Health Care Center of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University was established, realizing the mode of “tourism health care + medical care” and cultivating the competitive advantages of Nanshan health care. In the speech, leaders of Nanshan Holding introduced the initial intention, development concept, project positioning and future planning of the project, etc. Finally, relevant leaders and guests pressed the start button together, and the launching ceremony ended successfully.


After the launching ceremony, leaders and guests attending the ceremony visited the town attractions such as auditorium, business street, Nanshan courtyard and health care center together with health care facilities. On the same day, a romantic square wedding was also held in the auditorium square, and traditional cultural activities were also held in the cultural attractions including commercial street in the small town and Nanshan courtyard including cheongsam show, Chinese zither and lyre performance and tea performance. Besides, the first 18-day Nanshan International Beer Carnival also ceremoniously opened in the evening of this day, with a variety of beer varieties and more than 30 kinds of food and snacks from across the country to support carnival recreation facilities, realizing one-stop solution for eating, drinking and playing. Tourists met together in romantic flowers, witnessed outdoor wedding, enjoyed delicious food and beer carnival, spending a pleasant and delighted summer.