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Yi Hu, the President of Shandong Agricultural Bank of China Led a Group to Visit Nanshan Group for Investigation and Survey

Recently, Yi Hu, the party secretary and president of Agricultural Bank of China Shandong Branch, and Zhai Shiyong, the party committee member and deputy president led a number of departments of the provincial bank and leaders of Yantai Branch paid a visit to Nanshan Group to investigate and survey the Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project. Ji Shoumian, a member of Longkou Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor of Longkou, Song Jianbo, the president of Nanshan Group, Song Riyou, the CFO of Nanshan Group and other people accompanied the activity.

During the investigation and survey, the president Yi Hu and his delegation visited the Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project, Nanshan and Donghai Industrial Park, and deeply understood the production and operation of the enterprise. At the following symposium, the vice mayor Ji Shoumian expressed welcome to the arrival of the president Yi Hu and showed gratitude to the Agricultural Bank of China for its support and assistance to the enterprises of Longkou, hoping to continue to increase the support for enterprises of Longkou in the future. The president Song Jianbo emphatically introduced the general situation of the industrial development of Nanshan and the progress of Yulong Island Project. He expressed his sincere gratitude to the Agricultural Bank of China for its support to Nanshan Group over the years and hoped that both sides could achieve new cooperation results in this project.

During the meeting, the three parties reached consensus on further deepening cooperation among bank, government and enterprise. The president Yi Hu thought highly of the good development momentum of Nanshan Group, who indicated that he would strongly support Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project. With a letter of loan commitment and good faith for cooperation this time, he would provide full range of high-quality and efficient financial services, actively respond to the appeal of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee as well as the provincial government, assist industrial transformation and upgrading in Shandong and make contributions to the economic and social development of Yantai and Longkou.