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Wang Jiangping, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Investigated the High-end Aluminum Material Industry of Nanshan Aluminum

On October 17, Wang Jiangping, the vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology came to Nanshan Aluminum to investigate and survey the high-end aluminum material industry. Wang Jian, the deputy director of General Office of Shandong Provincial Government, Chen Fei, the deputy secretary of Yantai Municipal Party Committee and mayor, Han Shijun, the secretary of Longkou Municipal Party Committee, Lyu Bo, the mayor of Longkou, Cheng Rence, the president of Nanshan Aluminum, Lyu Zhengfeng, the general manager of Nanshan Aluminum and other leaders accompanied the activity.

During the investigation and survey in Nanshan Aluminum, Wang Jiangping and his delegation visited the exhibition hall of Nanshan Aluminum in Donghai Aviation Material Park, the heat treatment production line project of 100,000 tons of new energy automobile plate, the high-strength, high-toughness and high-end aluminum alloy project and the casting project of Nanshan Aviation and Astronautics. Everywhere he went, Wang Jiangping carefully understood the production and operation of the enterprise, the research and development of new products, the product market, etc. In particular, he showed great interest in the mass production of high-end aluminum materials such as Nanshan aluminum industry, aviation and automobile.

Cheng Rence, the president of Nanshan Aluminum, gave a detailed report about the work process of Nanshan Aluminum to transform to high-end manufacturing industry. While unswervingly carrying out the “innovation-driven, high-end manufacturing and deep processing” development strategy, Nanshan Aluminum has achieved breakthrough progress in the fields of research and development, certification and batch production of aluminum materials used for aviation and automotive, which realized bulk supply for main engine factories at home and abroad including Boeing, Airbus, Safran and international famous new energy car companies, GM and FAW-Volkswagen; On the basis of supporting foreign first-class main aviation engine factories and with the help of the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism of civil aircraft aluminum materials of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Nanshan Aluminum successfully completed the research and development task of high-performance skin materials and structural parts for the C919 aircraft of COMAC, and realized bulk supply, making contributions to the improvement of the localization level of civil aircraft materials in China.

Wang Jiangping, the vice minister, gave full recognition to Nanshan Aluminum for taking the high-end manufacturing route and optimizing the product structure and layout, and showed pleasure for the development achievements of Nanshan Aluminum in the localization of aluminum materials used for aviation and automobile. He pointed out that innovation was the core driving force of corporate development. In recent years, Nanshan Aluminum has insisted on the innovation-driven development, actively transformed to high-end manufacturing, and promoted the development mode of aluminum industry from focusing on the expansion of upstream smelting capacity to the development of downstream high-precision products, setting an example for the development of new materials. He encourages Nanshan Aluminum to further accelerate the integration of industrialization and information, improve the degree of intelligence and automation of R&D and production, and realize industry intelligentization and the brand high-end orientation, thus constantly improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and better promoting the high-quality development of non-ferrous metal industry.