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Nanshan Aluminum Assisting Epidemic Prevention and Control Fight with Practical Actions
At present,the prevention and control fight against 2019-nCoV is entering a critical period.Party committees,governments,and enterprises at all levels have seriously implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important deployment of“firm confidence,mutual help,scientific control,and precise policy”,and made every effort to ensure the safety and health of the people.During the epidemic period,Nanshan Aluminum was bold enough to take up the responsibility and actively assumed corporate responsibility.It made great efforts to catch up the schedule at high speed and prioritized the production orders of medicinal aluminum foil to help fight the epidemic.

Medicines are an important force in fighting this epidemic.As a supplier of raw materials for medicine packaging,the Aluminum Foil Branch of Nanshan Aluminum Plates and Strips Business Division has restarted and put into production at the night of January 1(lunar calendar)after receiving instructions for order production,and regulated and redeployed on-the-job staff.While doing self-protection in accordance with the government’s epidemic prevention and control requirements,it worked overtime to implement the order production of aluminum foil for medicine.What’s more,it coordinated logistics transportation in many ways to ensure that aluminum foil for medicine can be sent to pharmaceutical enterprises in a timely manner.It is learnt that the aluminum foil products produced this time will be mainly used for the packaging of anti-inflammatory and antiviral medicines.

Staff Working Overtime to Ensure Production of Aluminum Foil for Medicine

At the same time,as the main supplier of aluminum foil for food packaging,the Aluminum Foil Branch of Nanshan Aluminum Plated and Strips Business Division also rushed to produce aluminum foil for food packaging during this period,which is mainly used for the material package of aseptic package products,solid food,etc.,ensuring the national food supply and maximizing the safety of food storage and transportation

In the face of the heavy responsibility of epidemic prevention and control,Nanshan Aluminum rushed to the production schedule and did its best to protect the raw materials needed for pharmaceutical packaging and food processing,which fully reflected the corporate social responsibility.In addition,Nanshan Aluminum’s subordinate units,including electric power companies,natural gas companies,etc.took the initiative to assume social responsibilities,overcame difficulties during the epidemic,operated at full capacity,fully met the needs of residents in heating,power supply,and gas supply,and did their best to meet the social responsibility to ensure the normal life of residents and contribute to the stability of conditions of the people.