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Shandong Nanshan Institute of Science and Technology Winning 2019 “China Industry-University-Research Cooperative Innovation Award”

Recently,the 13th China Industry-University-Research Cooperative Innovation Conference was held in Beijing.The conference commended the advanced units and individuals who contributed in the fields of industry-university-research cooperation,achievement transformation,military-civilian collaboration,craftsman spirit, 2019,and Shandong Nanshan Institute of Science and Technology won the 2019“China Industry-University-Research Cooperative Innovation Award”.

This conference is themed as“Innovative Technology,Integrative Development,Scaling New Heights”,aiming to bring together industry,university and research,use innovative resources from all walks of life,carry forward the spirit of science and craftsmanship,and open the new era where broad scientific and technological circle and industry-university-research circle can collaboratively innovate and challenge a new height bravely.

The 2019 Industry-University-Research Cooperative Innovation and Promotion Award is organized in accordance with the principles of openness,fairness,impartiality,and truth-seeking,follows the Regulation on National Science and Technology Awards and Methods for Awarding“Industry-University-Research Cooperative Innovation and Promotion Award”of China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association,organizes relevant experts in various fields of industry-university-research to recommend and select the best from all projects and achievements,and gets the results through rigorous procedures of preliminary review,publicity,review,etc.It is the only highest honor award for collaborative innovation of industry-university-research in China.

It is learnt that the competition for 2019 Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Promotion Award is fiercer than in previous years.Yantai Nanshan University still achieved good results,which is a full affirmation to the industry-university-research work of this university.In the next step,the university will continue to support teachers to carry out all-round and persistent cooperation with enterprises,actively promote in-depth integrative research of industry,university and research,expand cooperation channels,and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in promoting the economic growth driver conversion,improving the ability of industrial innovation,etc.

Shandong Nanshan Institute of Science and Technology is an important achievement of Yanshan Nanshan University relying on Nanshan Holdings,a China top 500 enterprise,to carry out school-enterprise integration and industry-education integration.This institute provides an important scientific research platform for the integrative development with each other of universities and enterprises in resource sharing,talent recruitment,equipment use,project application,etc.,and provides powerful conditions for enterprises to provide satisfactory technical services and university to conduct discipline construction and master’s program application.