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Nanshan Jichodo Opening Emergency Channels for Production of Protective Equipment

Being Battle Fortress Against Epidemic

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic,protective supplies were once tight as the strengthening of control measures and the increase in the number of people seeing doctors.In response to severe shortages of protective equipment and enterprises’difficulties in resuming work,Nanshan Jichodo opened a green channel for the urgent production of protective equipment.The leadership team led professional and technical personnel to go deep into the front line,developed full power and released production capacity,increasing the R&D and production efforts of protective equipment,giving full play as the role of battle fortress against the epidemic,and contributing to help win the epidemic prevention and control blocking war!

About Nanshan Jichodo

Nanshan Jichodo Protection Technology Co., a sino-foreign joint venture jointly funded and established by the state-level high-tech enterprise Shandong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd.and the largest listed working clothes company renowned in Japan Jichodo Co.,Ltd.The company is committed to creating high-quality and professional working clothes brand for global labor practitioners.

At present,it is mainly engaged in the research,development,production and sale of professional working clothes and related products(medical protective clothing,safety shoes,etc.),and has a perfect operating system concerning product research,development,production,marketing,and service,as well as a complete rapid response system for stock preparation and order receiving and delivering,which can meet customers’needs and requirements for short,adaptable,fast and high-quality products and service.

The company introduces advanced clothing R&D,design,management and operation concepts from Japan,and lets the R&D,design and technology teams from Japan provide the most advanced international technical support and guarantee,ensuring the company’s product design forward-looking,scientific and safe.

Strict Quality Control and Rapid Upgrade

In response to this epidemic,Nanshan Jichodo set up and arranged an epidemic prevention and control team at the first time,took Party members as the main body,transferred highly skilled and responsible employees,and quickly formed a production and quality inspection commando.It implemented the factory-entering system with one person holding one certificate,and was uniformly equipped with temperature measuring instruments to carry out strict body temperature testing on employees who enter the factory daily.

While strictly protecting the quality of protective supplies in accordance with the requirements of the Market Supervision Administration,it also quickly completed the expansion and renovation of the protective equipment production line to achieve the large-scale mass production of protective equipment.Under the premise of ensuring safety,a three-shift policy was implemented to rest the employees without stopping the machine.The output at present is 2,000 sets/day,and it is expected to reach 5,000 sets/day this weekend.

At present,the company’s products with large-volume supplies are mainly for civilian use.It refers to GB/T 20097-2006 Protective Clothing–General Requirements and adopts specialized anti-static,waterproof and dust-proof protective fabrics,which can effectively isolate dust,bacteria and other harmful substances.It is the first choice of protective equipment for personnel working in airports,stations,highways,factories and other public places engaged in inspections,disinfection,epidemic prevention,etc.

Battling Against the Epidemic,Starting from You and Me

During the epidemic,Nanshan Jichodo regarded social responsibility as its own corporate responsibility and raced against time,demonstrating Nanshan’s responsibility,Nanshan’s quality,and Nanshan’s speed!At present,increasing the supply of protective materials is to increase the combat effectiveness to fight against the epidemic.Nanshan Jichodo will further improve the working mechanism,continuously integrate resources and channels,scientifically arrange the construction period,and strictly do a good job of preventing and controlling epidemic conditions inside the factory to ensure the safe production with high quality,high efficiency and high speed,and to maximize the company’s potential.