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Luhut, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs of Indonesia, along with the Delegation Inspected Nanshan Indonesia Bintan Alumina Company

On the morning of July 2,honored guests were welcomed to PT.Indonesia Bintan Alumina.Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs of Indonesia Luhut Binsar Panjaitan,and Minister of Marine and Fisheries of Indonesia Edhy Prabowo visited the company along with the delegation.Acting governor of Riau Islands Province Isdianto,magistrate of Bintan County Apri Sujadi,leaders of the company Hao Weisong,Zhang Guodeng,etc.accompanied the inspection.

Listening to Report

After listening to the report on the project construction on the scene,Luhut and his delegation spoke highly of the company’s construction scale and progress.Knowing that the company also has other derivative businesses in addition to alumina and power plants,he was very pleased and expressed that it is hoped that PT.Indonesia Bintan Alumina can build a complete industrial chain in Galang Batang Special Economic Zone and enhance its enterprise competitiveness.

Visiting Exhibits

In product display area,Luhut listened to the introductions of Nanshan products.When he learned that these products were supplied to Boeing,BMW and other well-known international companies,he marveled at Nanshan’s strong corporate strength.When talking about alumina products,he said that these products are very much needed in Indonesia,and can be supplied to Indonesian INALUM Company(Indonesian National Aluminum Corporation),instead of all being exported.

Site Visit

Later,Luhut and his delegation departed from the wharf,visited the construction situation of power plant,alumina plant,living area,special zone government,reservoir,coal-to-gas and other projects along the way,and learned about the current difficulties in detail.Luhut said that PT.Indonesia Bintan Alumina is large in scale and has the fastest construction speed among several special zones.If encounter difficulties during the development process,the company can report directly to him,and he will coordinate with relevant departments and the local government to help solve the problem and help the company be completed and put into operation as soon as possible to better promote the local economic development of Indonesia.