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Nanshan Holdings and Shenyang Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences Signed a Comprehensive Framework Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation
On the afternoon of July 28,Nanshan Holdings and Shenyang Branch,Chinese Academy of Sciences held the signing ceremony of comprehensive framework agreement on scientific and technological cooperation in Nanshan International Conference Center.Yu Haibin,the secretary of the leading party group of Shenyang Branch,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Han Enhou,the dean of Shenyang Branch,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Zhang Dailing,the vice mayor of Yantai,Han Shijun,the secretary of municipal party committee of Longkou,Lyu Bo,the vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Longkou,Song Jianbo,the president of Nanshan Holdings,Song Riyou,the executive director,Song Jiancen,the general manager,institute leaders of Shenyang Branch,Chinese Academy of Sciences,person chiefly in charge of Longkou Technology Bureau and related leaders of Nanshan Science and Technology Research Institute attended the activity.Lyu Bo,Song Jianbo and Han Enhou delivered speeches respectively.Sun Yonggang,the vice mayor of Longkou,presided over the ceremony.

In the speech delivered at the ceremony by Lyu Bo,the mayor of Longkou,he introduced the achievements of Longkou in the innovation-driven development strategy and“Getting talents together to make Longkou prosperous”project.He said,as the largest and strongest leading enterprises in Longkou,the cooperation by signing an agreement between Nanshan Holdings and Shenyang Branch,Chinese Academy of Sciences was a powerful combination,and that both parties carried out technical cooperation around key industries and strengthened personnel exchanges and personnel training would further drive the development of science and technology innovation of Longkou,making a significant and far-reaching influence on the industrial transformation and upgrading and kinetic energy transformation of Longkou.The municipal party committee and government of Longkou would provide the best service,give the greatest support and create the optimum environment for the cooperation between both parties,so as to facilitate the leapfrog development of the enterprise.

In the speech,Song Jianbo,the president of Nanshan Holdings,said that technical innovation was the key to the success of the industrial development of Nanshan.In recent years,Nanshan has gave positive response to the national call of industrial transformation and upgrading policy,strongly promoted the old and new kinetic energy conversion,constantly strengthened independent innovation,and established a deep cooperation relationship with Central South University,Northeastern University and other research institutions,making a lot of fruitful research achievements with the core competitiveness of all industries enhanced continuously.At present,Nanshan is in the critical period of the second entrepreneurship.The Yulong Island Refining-chemical Integration Project under construction is No.1 engineering and landmark project that the provincial party committee and government of Shandong to carry out the national“kinetic energy conversion between the old and the new strategy to achieve high quality development”,which put forward higher requirement for Nanshan to improve the scientific and technological innovation ability,deepen the industry-university-institute cooperation,etc.,so we set up the scientific research and education group specially,make an overall arrangement for the technical innovation undertaking of Nanshan,and start the construction of Nanshan Science and Technology Research Institute.As the most famous scientific research institution in China,Chinese Academy of Sciences owns the world-leading technology,scientific research equipment,platform and innovative talents,which are highly consistent with the existing industrial development and strategic layout of Nanshan,and is the ideal strategic partner for us to“build a centenary Nanshan and cast a centenary brand”.This successful signing will further expand the breadth and depth of cooperation between Nanshan Holdings and the Chinese Academy of Sciences,and achieve mutual benefit and common development in technical research and development,achievement transformation,talent training and other aspects.

In his speech,Han Enhou,the dean of Shenyang Branch,Chinese Academy of Sciences,introduced the main duties and responsibilities of Shenyang Branch,and the details of technical cooperation between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shandong Province.A number of important innovation platforms and cooperation projects jointly built by the Academy and Shandong played an important leading,supporting and exemplary role in promoting the mode transfer,adjusting the structure and the construction of innovative province of Shandong.This signing of the comprehensive agreement on scientific and technological cooperation between Shenyang Branch and Nanshan Holdings was a further deepening of the previous bilateral cooperative relations.Next,Shenyang Branch would give full play to the technological innovation and talent agglomeration advantages of Chinese Academy of Sciences,supporting the construction of Nanshan Science and Technology Research Institute.Both parties would jointly set up the“Special Guiding Fund for Nanshan Plan”and strengthen the cooperation in technical innovation,talent cultivation and strategic consulting to create another new mode for academic-regional cooperation of Chinese Academy of Sciences following the“Wego Mode”and“Xiwang Mode”in Shandong.

At the ceremony,the participants watched the promotional videos of Longkou and Nanshan Holdings.On behalf of the group company,Song Riyou,the executive director of Nanshan Holdings,signed the Comprehensive Framework Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation with Ma Yuehong,the vice dean of the Shenyang Branch,Chinese Academy of Sciences.Pan Feng,the president of Nanshan Scientific Research Education Group as well as the executive vice dean of the institute,Fang Yucheng,the chief engineer of the institute,and Su Xujiang,the dean of the chemical industry research institute,as the representatives of Nanshan Science and Technology Research Institute,signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement with Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences and Institute of Metal Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences respectively,which signed the Cooperation Agreement on Jointing Building the Innovation Platform and Energy Achievements Transformation Base of Shandong Energy Research Institute with Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The signing of this cooperation is conducive to further enhance the overall level of the technical innovation of Nanshan.With the aid of the great advantages of Shenyang Branch,Chinese Academy of Sciences in technology,talents,information,etc.,relying on the solid foundation of Nanshan Holdings in terms of capital,market,equipment and industrialization,we will seek for win-win cooperation and common development,make new contributions to the national economic development and social progress and achieve new breakthroughs in solving important scientific problems.