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Nanshan Aluminum Has Been Awarded Grade A for Four Consecutive Years of Information Disclosure
Recently,the evaluation results of information disclosure of listed companies on Shanghai Stock Exchange were released.Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd.received the notification of results from Shanghai Stock Exchange:Upon comprehensive evaluation,the company's information disclosure work from 2019 to 2020 was rated as Grade A(excellent).

It is reported that Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd.has been awarded this honor for four consecutive years,and it has been awarded Grade A in information disclosure since 2017 when Shanghai Stock Exchange made strict evaluation standards for information disclosure.

It is understood that the evaluation of information disclosure mainly refers to a comprehensive evaluation of the information disclosure quality and related work of listed companies,and Shanghai Stock Exchange attaches great importance to the objectivity and impartiality of the evaluation work.In 2017,in terms of evaluation standards,the Evaluation Methods were specially revised in the early stage;in terms of the evaluation method,dozens of indicators related to information disclosure compliance and effectiveness are scored quantitatively,and the evaluation standards are linked to the supervision measures and disciplinary actions of Shanghai Stock Exchange,so as to reduce the space for subjective discretion.

From 2016 to 2017,24.6%of the companies were rated as Grade A,and in the following three years,the percentage was no more than 22%,which shows the strictness.There are few enterprises which have been rated as Grade A for four consecutive years.Thus winning this award for four consecutive years fully shows the leading position of Nanshan Aluminum in information disclosure quality,internal governance and normative operation.