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Nanshan Zhishang Won the 2020 China Fabric Star Grand Jury Prize

On September 23, the launching ceremony of the 2020 China Fabric Star Serial Activities was grandly held in National Exhibition and
Convention Center (Shanghai), in which a total of seven prizes including the Best Enterprise Service Prize, the Best Fashion Style Prize, the Best Innovative Development Prize, the Best Graphic Design Prize, the Best Market Value Prize, the Best Organization Prize and the Grand Jury Prize were officially revealed, and Nanshan Zhishang won the 2020 China Fabric Star Grand Jury Prize.

Leaders and guests such as Yang Jun, the vice secretary-general of China National Textile and Apparel Council and the standing vice president of China Textile Enterprise Association, Liu Yanwei, the vice president of China Textile Planning Institute of Construction, Wang Shuiyuan, the secretary-general of China National Textile and Apparel Council Circulation Branch, and Xu Feng, the standing vice president and chief editor of Textile Apparel Weekly and hundreds of representatives of high-quality fabric enterprises from all over the country attended this price-awarding ceremony.  

The “China Fabric Star Serial Activities” has been held for 10 consecutive years since its first launch in 2011, which is guided by China National Textile and Apparel Council and sponsored by the periodical office of Textile Apparel Weekly. The activities are highly recognized by the enterprises in the industry for high authority, great influence, wide coverage, remarkable commercial effect and rich content, etc.

The fabrics selected by Nanshan Zhishang stood out among thousands of fabrics by virtue of technical content, fashionable extent, technical skill and quality and won the 2020 China Fabric Star Grand Jury Prize. Attaching great importance to product research and development as well as technological innovation all the time, Nanshan Zhishang constantly achieves technological breakthroughs independently and cooperating with universities and other scientific research institutes. It has won provincial and municipal technical progress prizes for many times, which closely follows the market trend to carry out research, development and innovation of product style, color, popular elements and function. In the future, taking technology, fashion and green as the product concept, Nanshan Zhishang will continue to increase investment in product research and development, and keep innovating to provide clients with better products and services.