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Economic Coordination of Indonesia Led a Government Delegation to Visit Nanshan Indonesian Bintan Alumina Co., Ltd.

On September 26, a delegation of over 80 people including Airlangga Hartarto, the Minister of Economic Coordination of Indonesia, Agus Suparmanto, the Minister of Trade, Jerry Sambuaga, the Vice-minister of Trade, Agus Gumiwang, the Minister of Industry, and Teten Masduki, the Minister of Cooperatives & SMEs visited Nanshan Indonesian Bintan Alumina Co., Ltd. and held video talks with Song Jianbo, the president of Nanshan Group, together with other leaders of the Group Company. Zhang Guodeng, Jia Zhenjiang, Hao Weisong, Zhao Yu, Chong Famin, Lin Jiqiang and other leaders of Nanshan Indonesian Bintan Alumina Co., Ltd. accompanied the activity.

At first, Zhang Guodeng, the president of Nanshan Indonesian Bintan Alumina Co., Ltd. extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the government delegation on behalf of the company, and gave an introduction to the construction of the project.

Airlangga Hartarto, the Minister of Economic Coordination said that he was very happy to come back to the Indonesian Bintan Alumina Project in Kalangbatang Special Economic Zone and he was glad to see the progress of the project construction. If the project is put into production, it will boost Indonesia's economy and create more jobs locally. In addition to the construction of alumina plant and power plant, Nanshan also plans to build a garment factory to solve the employment problem of female workers, which is a precedent in Indonesia. As the government, we will fully support the development of Kalangbatang Special Economic Zone and wish Indonesian Bintan Alumina Co., Ltd. a rapid development.

Afterwards, the delegation of the Indonesian government held talks with Song Jianbo, the president of Nanshan Group and other leaders by video link. President Song Jianbo said that as the largest economic entity in Southeast Asia, Indonesia enjoyed social stability and abundant resources. With the further implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the exchanges in the fields of economy, trade, science, technology, agriculture and education between China and Indonesia have been deepened. After thorough demonstration and prudent decision-making, Nanshan Aluminum decided to make investment in the construction of Indonesian Bintan Alumina Project, which organically combines the technology and management strength of Nanshan Aluminum with the rich resources and population advantages of Indonesia to create a benchmark in the global alumina industry and a model of friendly cooperation between China and Indonesia.

From the beginning of design, the Indonesian Bintan Alumina Project sticks to the principle of high starting point and high standard, which adopts of advanced production technology and strict environmental emission standards to achieve the goals of safety, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. During the development planning of the project, adhering to the principle of integrating into the local area and contributing to the society, it strictly abides by the local laws, regulations, customs and culture, and actively employs local staff to expand employment, increase income and promote social and economic development.

With the assistance of government leaders at all levels, the support of preferential policies of the park and sincere cooperation of local partners for the Indonesian Bintan Alumina Project, we are full of confidence in the investment of the Indonesian project. While building the Alumina Project, Nanshan plans to continue to expand investment to better drive the local economic development.

Under the guidance of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Nanshan will jointly create a community of interest and a community of shared future with economic integration and cultural inclusiveness, build Kalangbatang Special Economic Zone into a benchmark park for Chinese-Indonesian cooperation, and jointly usher in a bright future for Kalangbatang Special Economic Zone and Indonesian Bintan Alumina Project!

At the same time, President Song Jianbo also sent a sincere invitation to the Indonesian government delegation, hoping to visit and guide Nanshan at an appropriate time.

Airlangga Hartarto, the Minister of Economic Coordination indicated that Nanshan was welcome to continue its investment in Indonesia and the government would give full support, including providing tax incentives and easier licensing procedures. He said that he would definitely visit Nanshan in China when he had an opportunity, hoping to jointly promote the development of Kalangbatang Special Economic Zone and create a benchmark park for Chinese-Indonesian cooperation.

After the meeting, accompanied by the leaders of the company, the Indonesian delegation inspected the construction situation of the project.