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A Delegation from the General Administration of Customs of Indonesia Visited Bintan Alumina Company in Indonesia for Survey

On December 3,the delegation,led by Asep Ajun Hudaya,the sub-director of Special Zone Facilities Bureau of the General Administration of Customs of Indonesia,and Emi Ludiyanto,the head of Special Economic Zone Facilities of Customs Facilities Administration,visited Bintan Alumina Company in Indonesia for survey and the company’s leaders accompanied during the activities.

The sub-director of the Customs Special Zone Facilities Bureau said that he was very pleased to see the progress of the Galang Batang Special Economic Zone.The construction speed of Nanshan surprised them.The customs authority will try its best to provide convenient conditions for the development of the special economic zone and better promote the development of the special economic zone.The person in charge of the Special Economic Zone and Special Zone Facilities of the Customs Facilities Administration introduced the relevant content of the new regulations on customs convenience facilities.The new regulations will provide the special zone with more preferential import&export policies and simple affairs-handling procedures.

Previously,the head of customs of Riau Archipelago and his entourage visited Bintan Alumina Park in Indonesia to discuss the construction of terminal IT inventory system.At present,the document of new regulations on customs facilities is ready for the central government of Indonesia to issue.The Galang Batang Special Economic Zone is expected to become a benchmark for the successful implementation of the national single window and IT inventory system management.

After the meeting,the delegation of the General Administration of Customs,accompanied by the leaders of Bintan Alumina Company in Indonesia,conducted field surveys at the port and project construction site.