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Nanshan Industrial Profile was awarded as Shandong Quality Brand
A few days ago,Nanshan Aluminum participated in the application for the 2020 Shandong Quality Brand Cultivation and Appraisal Work organized by Shandong Quality Evaluation Association.“Nanshan Brand General Industrial Aluminum Alloy Extruded Profiles”won the Shandong Quality Brand Award.

It is reported that a total of 1,128 products and service items have voluntarily participated in the application.With the strong support of the majority of enterprises and all relevant parties,Shandong Quality Evaluation Association adheres to the principle of“scientific,open,fair,and justice”and has undergone the procedures such as qualification verification,material(network)review,expert review,and soliciting opinions from all parties in the evaluation of various companies.Meanwhile,“Nanshan Brand General Industrial Aluminum Alloy Extruded Profiles”successfully entered the list of 2020 Shandong High-Quality Brand(Product&Service)Items,which marks the brand reputation of Nanshan brand aluminum profiles has been further improved.

Relying on the advantages of only short-distance and most complete industrial chain in the world possessed by Nanshan Aluminum,the Nanshan Aluminum Profile Company has built a complete industrial chain from melting&casting-die manufacture-extrusion-surface treatment-conversion-deep processing,with the most advanced extrusion production lines,including more than 60 lines such as 150MN,125MN,82MN,72MN,55MN,45MN,35MN,27MN,18MN and 11MN presses imported from Germany SMS,Italy PESEZZI and Japan UBE etc.,which are arranged with a large number of internationally advanced supporting production equipment imported from the United States,Japan,Italy and Switzerland etc.,the products sell well in more than 30 domestic provinces and municipalities,and Nanshan aluminum profiles can be seen in many landmark projects.

Nanshan Aluminum Profile Company always adheres to the principle of“Quality First,Customer Satisfaction,Benefit Priority”,adhering to the spirit of“Meticulous,Elaborative,Exquisite,Elite”,adheres to the strategic positioning of“Innovation-driven,high-end manufacturing,and intensive processing”and has established a good corporate reputation,it has been recognized by the society and consumers.In the future,Nanshan Aluminum Profile Company will continue to enhance brand awareness,accelerate the pace of intelligent manufacturing,and create better products and services to meet the needs of the people’s consumption upgrades and social development.