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The overseas rail transit aluminum profile project of Nanshan Aluminum Profile passed the first inspection of new sections

Recently, multiple profile sections of a rail transit profile project undertaken by Nanshan Aluminum Profile passed the customer’s first inspection. The customer’s quality personnel tested the company’s product quality and recognized the aluminum product quality and technical capability.

It is reported that, since the very beginning of untaking the project, the leaders of Nanshan Aluminum Profile Company paid great attention. According to the agreement between the sales department and the customer, all departments were required to clarify the key points and goals, cooperate closely with each other, grasp the time nodes, speed up the production schedule, and strictly follow the customer’s contract to complete the project on time with quality and quantity guaranteed.

In order to ensure that the project is completed on time, the production department of aluminum profile company organizes production and technological personnel to track and supervise the entire process from profile extrusion to product inspection, optimize the off-cutting of head and tail, extrusion speed and other aspects in the process of profile production. In order to increase the extrusion speed, the adjustment experiment was carried out 4 times, and the extrusion speed was increased significantly from 2m/min to 5m/min. Three optimization experiments were carried out on the off-cutting of head and tail. The off-cutting of head and tail was reduced by 0.5-3 meters, and the yield was significantly improved. In order to successfully complete the export task, Nanshan Aluminum Profile has strengthened the management of processes, improved the production process flow in accordance with the requirements of the export contract, and arranged special personnel to collect, count, and analyze the on-site production data to find the main factors affecting the production schedule, and improve the product yield and production efficiency.

Since receiving the order, the production and technological personnel in Nanshan Aluminum Profile have gone all out to fight at the front line, according to the production plan, rationally arrange the production tasks, clarify the division of responsibilities, strengthen the coordination guarantee, standardize the work process and production; meanwhile the production and technological personnel have worked overtime. Through unremitting efforts in months, all the profiles have passed the customer’s first inspection recently.

This project not only laid the good foundation for Nanshan Aluminum Profile to undertake more orders for rail transportation, but also actively played its promotion role for the company to quickly expand the market and improve product awareness.