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Profile of Shandong University Nanshan Branch of Qilu Hospital

Located in the east side of Longkou Nanshan Tourist Attraction, a national 5A tourist attraction, Shandong University Nanshan Branch of Qilu Hospital is jointly built by Nanshan Group, a China Top 500 Enterprise, and Qilu Hospital of Shandong University. With the foundation laid in August 2010, the hospital was officially opened in September 2013, with a total investment of 600 Million Yuan, a floor area of 82 mu and a building area of 57,000 ㎡. The hospital sets up 510 beds as well as Outpatient Building, Inpatient Building, Kangwen Building and Comprehensive Building. With elegant and comfortable environment and harmonious and consistent humanistic landscape, it is a tertiary special tumor hospital.

The functional positioning and development direction of the hospital are: keeping a foothold in Jiaodong Peninsula and facing the home and abroad to build a “large special and small comprehensive” hospital. Through five years of development, now it has developed into a hospital “being expert in one field while possessing all-round knowledge and ability” with special treatment of specific treatment of tumor oriented and Department of Cardiology, Neurology Department, Gastroenterology Department, Endocrinology Department, Orthopedics Department, General Surgery Department, Thoracic Surgery Department, Neurosurgery Department, Gynecology Department, Obstetrics Department, Pediatric Department and Stomatology Department as the discipline features, and been devoted to building an international modern hospital integrating medical care, teaching, scientific research, health care and rehabilitation and fusing domestic and overseas high-quality medical resources.

Shandong University Nanshan Branch of Qilu Hospital centers on tumor speciality and combines with surgical operation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy, interventional therapy and traditional Chinese medicine to carry out comprehensive treatment of tumors. The hospital builds Chest Pain Center and Apoplexy Center and sets up Dizziness Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Hi-end Digital Gastrointestinal Center, Urinary Surgery Diagnosis and Treatment Center and Oral Medicine Beauty Center. The medical equipment with international advanced level equipped by the hospital include: American cyber knife, American Varian TrueBeam, American GE Pate CT, circular accelerator, ECT, Germany Siemens 3.0T magnetic resonance, dual-source CT, DSA and DR filming machine, large digital stomach intestine machine and high-end color ultrasound. It also imports Germany STORZ high-definition laparoscope, Japanese Olympus hysteroscope, cystoscope and anthroscope, brand-new imported Olympus EVIS 290 electronic gastrointestinal endoscope, Germany CEREC oral beauty system as well as advanced equipment such as perfect blood test equipment and imported bone sonometer.

The hospital establishes a long-term and stable cooperation system with Qilu Hospital of Shandong University and can timely carry out remote consultation and dual referral for difficult and complicated diseases. The hospital also sets up TCM specialty and invites famous experts to periodically sit in this hospital to see patients, thus solving the demand of local patients for seeing TCM doctors. The hospital also cooperates with international famous cancer treatment center for academic exchange and talent cultivation; it also builds remote consultation system to establish a remote consultation cooperation relationship with famous domestic and overseas hospitals, thus giving full play to domestic and overseas medical resources and better serving the patients.

The hospital always insists on focusing on the patients, takes market demand and problem solution as the orientation and “caring about life and focusing on health” as the tenet to seize the opportunity, scientifically plan, look for the truth and be practical and accelerate construction development, thus best satisfying the demand of the people for medical service and enabling the people to enjoy transparent, reasonable, convenient and economic high-quality medical care service. In 2018, under the guidance of strategic development policy of “developing the hospital with technology, strengthening the hospital with features and building the hospital with humanity”, the hospital will strengthen its medical and service quality in an all-round way, improve its differentiated service ability, enhance its competitive strength, constantly innovate its operation concept, improve its service quality, build a “warm hospital” the patients feel satisfied and relieved with, wind three humanistic medical services of “humanistic technological medical care, humanistic care service and humanistic medical environment” through the doctor visiting link of the patients, and take building Nanshan Branch of Qilu Hospital as a model of private hospital to build a regional and modern medical tumor prevention and control center.

Nanshan Branch of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University (Longkou Nanshan Health Valley Cancer Hospital)
Address: Interchange of Danling Road, Nanshan Road, Nanshan District, Longkou City, Shandong Province
Outpatient telephone: 0086-535-8779006
Office Tel: 0086-535-8808485