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Profile of Nanshan Aeronautical College

Founded in 2011, Nanshan Aeronautical College was invested and founded by Nanshan Holdings. With civil aviation as the feature, the college aims at cultivating high-quality professional technical talents in flight, maintenance, air service, aviation management, etc. It sets up four undergraduate majors including Flight Vehicle Propulsion Engineering, Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation, Flight Technology and Transportation as well as a specialized major Flight Attendant, and has nearly 1,500 school students. The college successively invests over Ten Million Yuan to build 15 professional labs and practice rooms such as Sky Talk Practice Room, Simulated Flight Practice Room, Wind Tunnel Lab, Engine Lab and Airbus A320 Virtual Maintenance Lab; meanwhile, it is equipped with strong faculty strength to cultivate high-quality talents. The college successively establishes wide contact and carries out in-depth cooperation with domestic and overseas famous aeronautics and astronautics institutions such as Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shenyang Aerospace University, Civil Aviation Flight University of China, Civil Aviation University of China and Purdue University, thus further improving the school-running quality and features of the school.

Shandong Nanshan International Flight Co. Ltd. integrating with Nanshan Aeronautical College is a CCAR-141 Part aircraft pilot school approved by Civil Aviation Administration of China East China Administration. The company takes training of the pilots in 121 routes as the primary business and sets up the training courses such as Private and Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, High-performance Training and Flight Instructor License, and carries out entrusted pilot training cooperation with a dozen airline companies such as Qingdao Airlines, Ruilin Airlines, Chongqing Airlines and Chengdu Airlines. The operation of the company is carried out completely according to the requirements of various rules such as CCAR-91 and CCAR-141, and it has established complete curriculum system, quality control system, training management system and safety management system. The company now has 39 training aircraft, including 33 Cessna 172S aircraft, five Seminole PA44 aircraft and one Cessna Citation CJ1+ high-performance aircraft; six FTD trainers and one CJ1+ D full flight simulator, thus it can satisfy the needs of private license, commercial license, instrument and high-performance training. At present, the company has established training bases in Dongying Shengli Airport, Binzhou Dagao Airport, Rizhao Shanzihe Airport and Yinchuan Crescent Lake Airport, with an annual training volume reaching 33,000 hours.

With high school-enterprise integration and development with Nanshan International Flight Co. Ltd., Nanshan Aeronautical College is the only private aviation institution with undergraduate education of aviation major and 141 Part Pilot Training Qualification. Since operation, the college and the company firmly establish continuous security concept, take talent cultivation quality as the primary task, highlight the school-running features, builds Nanshan quality brand, realize rapid development and provide a large amount of excellent talents for China civil aviation industry.