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Yantai Nanshan University

Yantai Nanshan University is a comprehensive university invested by the state large-scale private enterprise-Nanshan Holdings and approved by the Ministry of Education.At present,there are six secondary colleges,including engineering,business,humanities,aviation,music and health colleges,with 75 specialties and 26 departments(departments and centers),covering engineering,management,literature,art,economics,medicine and other disciplines,with more than 20,000 students.

Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC,the school conscientiously implements the development concept of"integration,optimization,innovation and breakthrough"of Nanshan Group.Focusing on the task of talent training center,the school-enterprise integration construction as the main focus,it constantly makes breakthroughs in teaching,scientific research,faculty construction,discipline and specialty construction.It has been designated by the provincial government as a construction unit for the award of master's degree,and it has initiated a joint master's training program with Qingdao University of Science and Technology.Material forming and control engineering,electrical engineering and its automation,tourism management,automation,textile engineering,aircraft power engineering,environmental design were rated as provincial superior specialties.The school has been awarded 5 teaching achievements at Shandong Province’s Eighth Higher Education Competition.“Teaching Team of Material Forming and Control Technology”was approved as Shandong Teaching Team Program.“Research on Development Evaluation and Promotion Strategy of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry”was approved by the National Social Science Foundation.“Design and Preparation of Longitudinal High Thermal Conductivity Polymer-based Composite Thermal Interface Materials”was approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.It has been appraised as a“typical experience University of innovation and entrepreneurship”by the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department,and The College Students’Entrepreneurship Incubation Base has been approved as a provincial enterprise demonstration platform in Shandong Province.

The school adheres to the school-running concept of"expert management,professor management"and the construction concept of“career cohesion,practice training,mechanism incentive and system guarantee talents”.It invites well-known academicians and experts to serve as development consultants,appoints university tutors and masters as subject leaders,and introduces well-known enterprise experts to serve as“double-teacher”professors.A team of teachers has been formed with professors as the backbone and postgraduate education as the main body.

Adhering to the school-running concept of“school-enterprise integration,collaborative education,moral education first,ability first”,the school gives full play to the advantages of enterprises in running schools and actively carries out the construction of school-enterprise integration(integration of professional industry development,integration of teachers’team construction,integration of scientific research work,integration of teaching system construction,integration of experimental training base construction),Nanshan Group acts as school’s Students'basic skills operation platform,professional skills training platform and comprehensive skills application platform.In 2013,“Yantai Nanshan University-Nanshan Group Corporation Engineering Practice Education Center”was approved as a state-level off-campus practical education base for college students.In collaboration with more than 100 enterprises at home and abroad,such as Australian Wool Development Co.,Ltd.(AWI)and Zhongchuang Software,we organize practical teaching according to the requirements of business management skills,so as to effectively improve students'practical skills and employment ability.With Nanshan Aluminum Company and other units successfully declaring the Shandong University Collaborative Innovation Center,the school was awarded the“China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Award”,and approved as a demonstration base for innovation of China's University-Research Cooperation.

The school's performance has been widely praised by all walks of life.It has been awarded a lot of honorary titles,such as“National Advanced Vocational Education Unit”,“Advanced Colleges of School-Enterprise Cooperation in China”,“First Batch of Employment-oriented Universities in China”,“Advanced Units of National Private Colleges”,“National Model Private Colleges and Universities Construction Research Base”,“Top Ten Honest Private Universities in China”,“Advanced Units of School-running by Social Forces in the Province”,”Advanced Units of Vocational Education in Shandong Province”,“The Advanced Collective of Teaching Management in Shandong Universities”,“The Advanced Units of School-enterprise Cooperation in Shandong Province”,and“The Vanguard Grass-roots Party Organizations of Shandong Universities in Rejuvenating Shandong through Science and Education”.

Yantai Nanshan College
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Yantai Nanshan University is an ordinary university invested and established by Nanshan Group, a national large-scale private enterprise,