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Nanshan Kindergarten

a large national enterprise group - Nanshan Holdings in 1988, Nanshan Kindergarten combines both boarding system and full-time system. Located at the foot of beautiful Nanshan Scenic Spot, Nanshan Kindergarten is the only “Beijing University Early Childhood Education Model Kindergarten” and “Beijing Foreign Studies University English Specialty Kindergarten” in Longkou which has the curriculums on Success Quality, Enlightenment of Math and Happy Reading. Nanshan Kindergarten is composed of three branch kindergartens, naming Nanshan Kindergarten, City Garden Kindergarten and Nanshan Xinhe Kindergarten. The Kindergarten covers a floor area of 44,954 km2, including 32 classes, 1,100 children, 70 professional teachers, and reaches an education qualification ratio of 100%.

Since the establishment of the kindergarten, aimed at “quicker, higher and better ”, required by “teachers have specialty, children have individuality and kindergarten has characteristics”, oriented in the general goal of Regulations, emphasized on optimizing daily activity routine and reforming patterns of cultivating talents, laying equal stress on teaching and cultivating and combining nursing and teaching, the kindergarten has been working hard on improving the quality of both the kindergarten and teaching and has achieved brilliant successes: The kindergarten has been awarded “Yantai Child-caring Advanced Unit” for four times successively; It has successfully provided the working site for “Seminar on the Implementation of Regulations of Yantai”; Also it is the only kindergarten in Yantai providing sites for the “National Primary and High School Quality- oriented Education Meeting” and National “Harmonious Moral Education Research and Experiment” annual meeting; And it is the “National Dandelion Rural Children Culture Kindergarten” nominated by the Ministry of Culture of the P.R.C.; In Shandong Province Luxi Chemical Trophy Children Basic Gymnastics Competition, our gymnastics team won the first prize; More than 100 paintings won prizes successively in National Youth Calligraphy and Painting Competition and provincial and municipal painting competitions; In the First National Youth New Face Selecting Competition, Zhang Ya’nan of this kindergarten represented Shandong Province to attend the competition held in Beijing, and was awarded the Golden Award of amateur team in National Children Recitation Contest; For years, we won the first prize in the competitions of Children Basic Gymnastics, Kingdom of Story and art performance held in Longkou; The project on applying China Pre-school Education Seminar “12th Five-year Plan” Task-- Research on Kindergarten Area Construction & Guidance Strategy has been successfully passed. Party and State leaders such as Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Jia Qinglin, Wu Guanzheng, Chen Muhua and Peng Peiyun and international friends from Canada, Chile and Japan came to this kindergarten for visitation successively and fully affirmed the scale, facilities and quality of this kindergarten.

Donghai Foreign Language School, established by the national large enterprise Nanshan Group with RMB 500 million yuan invested, is a full-time boarding school integrating kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and specialized secondary school. Located in the north end of Donghai Foreign Language School, Donghai Kindergarten borders the sea with beautiful landscape, verdant trees and fresh air, and has outdoor amusement park, plastic stadium and arboretum. The three teaching buildings within the park are planned with the environmental themes of submarine world, forest park and mysterious universe separately and are installed with central air conditioning. The classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment. With swimming hall, ballroom, physical training room, small theatre, multimedia room, art room, computer classroom, piano room, electric piano room, zither room, chess room and toy room, Donghai Kindergarten is one of the provincial demonstration kindergartens of Shandong Province with the best school-running conditions and the most beautiful environment.

Since its establishment in 2002, Donghai Kindergarten, based on the kindergarten running tenet of “ making children happy everyday and giving children complete and harmonious lives”, has been persisting in the educational goal of infants’ intelligent development and the synchronous promotion of emotional intelligence and social intelligence. Besides the thematic courses, the Kindergarten also has math enlightenment course of Beijing University Early Childhood Education Center, New Montessori Multiple Treasure Box Course, drawing course, recitation course of classical ancient poems, English course, computer course, art courses (dancing, piano, vocal music, drawing and zither) and sports courses (martial art, swimming, integrative sense training, ropes, balls, etc.), which enlighten the multiple intelligences of infants, cultivate the five intelligences (learning English at 2 years old, learning computer at 3 years old, learning piano at 4 years old, learning martial art at 5 years old, and learning swimming at 6 years old) of infants, and develop and improve the multiple intelligences of children.

In recent years, the Kindergarten has been unanimously appraised by all walks of life in virtue of its advanced school running concept and outstanding nursing and teaching quality. Many projects such as infants’ painting, gymnastics and dancing have won prizes for many times in national, provincial and municipal competitions. The Kindergarten has undertaken many national and provincial teaching and scientific research subjects and has gotten outstanding marks. In 2011, the Kindergarten was awarded the title of Top 10 Characteristic Kindergarten of China.