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Donghai Foreign Language School

Donghai Foreign Langue School is a full-time boarding school invested and founded by Nanshan Holdings, a national large-scale enterprise, which integrates kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and senior high school education. Located in Longkou Donghai Tourist and Leisure Resort endowed with the fine spirits of the universe and forest and sea setting each other off, the school is 500 meters away from the natural bathing beach with beautiful landscape, green water and blue sky as well as fresh air.

The school takes cultivating good habits of the students, shaping a perfect personality of the students and accomplishing a happy life of the students as the final target of education and teaching work, insists on taking the path of “taking education as the basis, establishing the school with quality, strengthening the school with talents and developing the school with features” and strives to build the campus into a homeland, lyceum and paradise for happy growth of the teachers and the students. The school implements quality- oriented education in an all-round way to constantly improve the education quality, and now has become an experiment school for the topic of “harmonious and efficient thinking dialogue classroom” in Yantai City, Longkou Quality-oriented Education Demonstration Unit, Yantai Advanced Unit in Imparting Knowledge and Educating People, Shandong Province Green School, National Art Education Featured Unit, National Advanced Collective in Quality- oriented Education, Base for Activities to Popularize Scientific Knowledge of Chinese Youth Academy of Sciences, Australia U-Learn International English Training Base, Shandong Province Experiment School for Oral English Examination and China Top 100 Schools in Non- government Funded Education.