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Nanshan International Health Preservation Valley Health Town

Located in Nanshan Tourism Resort in the south of Dongjiang Sub-district Office, Longkou City, Shandong, Nanshan International Health Preservation Valley Town takes health preservation, endowment, leisure and resort as the regional positioning to plan and build the supporting facilities for the services of health preservation and endowment such as Business Street, Riding Club, Auditorium, Club, Virtue Culture Square, Ancestral Temple, Folklore Museum, Museum of Nanshan Development History and Apartment and is devoted to building a world-class resort for health preservation and endowment integrating the supporting projects for the services of health preservation and endowment such as tourism and shopping, delicacy, equestrian studies, wedding ceremony, leisure and entertainment, hot spring health preservation, leisure farm and interaction of intangible cultural heritage and fork handicraft.

The Town Auditorium adopts the building style combining Chinese and Western elements and is mainly used to support the activities such as wedding commemoration (golden wedding, silver wedding, etc.), artistic performance, health lecture and forum, it is a gathering place with comprehensive multiple functions. The flower sea and various sculptures supporting the Auditorium create a romantic and cozy humanistic landscape. The Business Street built with emphasis in Nanshan International Health Preservation Valley Health Town consists of Happiness and Longevity Culture Island, Chinese Favor Island and Splendid Entrepreneurship Island. With three islands advancing in line and functionally complemented, it is a first-rate commercial complex in the region which organically integrates “cultural experience, health preservation life, building exhibition, tourism and shopping, delicacy, folk culture and creative market”. The main body of Nanshan Yard neighboring the Business Street in the west is divided into three exhibition halls, Museum of Nanshan Development History, Folklore Museum and Ancestral Temple to mainly display the development achievements of Nanshan during over 40 years, folk culture of Jiaodong, sacrificial culture, etc. By combining static mode and dynamic mode, it builds a comprehensive ancient architectural complex integrating interaction of intangible cultural heritage and fork handicraft, activity and performance, research and study platform and sacrificial culture to advocate the traditional folk culture of Jiaodong and Longkou as well as the culture of Nanshan; with lush green plants and relatively high content of negative oxygen ion, Virtue Culture Square is an excellent place for large-scale gathering, competition, square dancing and performance activities.