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Nanshan Health Preservation Center of Shandong University Nanshan Branch of Qilu Hospital

Nanshan Medical Care Center of Shandong University Nanshan Branch of Qilu Hospital is built as per the four-star standard, and the main body of its center building includes Administrative Office Building, Comprehensive Outpatient Building, two health preservation apartments, Fupingju and Fu’anju, one rehabilitation inpatient building Fushunju (which means safety and smoothness) and two recuperation apartments Fukangyuan and Fushouyuan (which means happiness, longevity, safety and health).

The Comprehensive Outpatient Building mainly includes five functional areas:

Diagnosis and Treatment Center: It includes Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Surgery, Outpatient Service Combining Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Rehabilitation Outpatient Service, Dispensary of Chinese and Western Medicine, Electrocardiogram Room, Laboratory and Function Examination Room, which can satisfy the diagnosis and treatment demands of common diseases.

Medical Rehabilitation Center: It includes PT, OT, ST Treatment Room, Fitness and Exercise Room, Oxygen Bar, Energy Health Care Room, etc.

TCM Diagnosis and Treatment Center: It includes TCM Method Treatment Room, Acupuncture, Medicated Bath, Traditional Chinese Medicine Fumigation Treatment Room, etc.

Sports and Recreation Center: It includes Reading Room, Calligraphy Room, Music Hall, Dance Room, Yoga Room, Chess and Cards Room, Table Tennis Room, Billiard Room, etc.

Health Regimen Academic Hall: Here the health lecture is given to popularize the life cultivation and health preservation knowledge, thus truly realizing neglecting neither health preservation and entertainment.

Two recuperation apartments Fukangyuan and Fushouyuan have perfect functions and can satisfy the demands for the customers for tourism residence and recuperation;

Two health preservation apartments Fupingju and Fu’anju are mainly family-style apartments, each room has complete medical calling system and functional equipment (oxygen inhalation and sputum suction) and is equipped with independent toilet and washroom, the activity space is wider and the decoration style is unique, thus making every resident feel the warmth of the family.

Fushunju Medical Heath Preservation Apartment possesses a perfect medical system to monitor the physical health of each senior all the time and cares each resident senior with the most professional skill and the most attentive service.

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