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Nanshan aviation industry plans the structure and layout in the thought of full industrial chain and has an interactive development to build the aviation industry cluster integrating air transportation, business flight, aviation education, aviation maintenance and manufacturing of aeronautical materials in an all-round way. Nanshan Jet Co., Ltd. provides a series of professional services such as business chartering, aircraft consignment and purchase consultation for the global market; Shandong Nanshan International Flying Co., Ltd.  and Nanshan Aeronautical College are devoted to reserving high-quality aviation talents for civil aviation and Nanshan aviation undertaking; Aeronautical Industrial Park integrating moderately thick plates for aviation, extrusion and forging planned and built by Nanshan will build a processing base of aluminium alloy products for aeronautics and astronautics advanced in China and even Asia; Nanshan Qingdao Airlines Co., Ltd. strives to build a new airline company with “industry-leading technology, unique enjoyment, first choice of high-end clients, strong innovation ability and obvious competitive advantage” to lay a solid foundation for building regional aviation hub in Qingdao.