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2007 year
11 monthIn November 2007, the 7th National "Village Chief" Forum concluded in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, in which the list of Chinese influential famous villages was publicized and Nanshan Village ranked the 3rd.
10 monthIn October 2007, Nanshan Group was awarded the honorary title of Yantai "Top 10 Import and Export Enterprise".
09 monthIn September 2007, the list of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises of 2007 was pronounced and Nanshan Group ranked the 282nd.
06 monthThe list of "Top 500 Chinese Most Valuable Brand" of 2007 (the 4th session) was publicized. Nanshan Group was listed for another time and ranked the 201st.
05 monthIn May 2007, Nanshan Group was awarded the title of "Yantai Top 10 Unit with Cultural Industry".
02 monthIn February 2007, the Municipal Committee and Government of Longkou commended the advanced units and individuals of 2006. Nanshan Group was awarded the honorary titles of "Advanced Unit in Industrial Development", "Advanced Unit in the Thir
01 monthIn January 2007, Nanshan was nominated as Chinese Famous Brand.
2006 year
06 monthIn June 2006, the Conference for the 85th Anniversary of Establishment of the Communist Party was held in Beijing. The Municipal Committee of Nanshan Village was awarded the title of "Chinese Advanced Basic-level Party Organization".
2005 year
05 monthIn 2005, Nanshan was listed in National Top 500 Enterprises for the third time and ranked the 250th.
01 monthIn 2005, the National Bureau of Statistics of China publicized that Nanshan Group Corporation ranked the 150th in "Top 1000 Chinese Industrial Enterprise" and anked the 4th in metal industry.
2004 year
10 monthIn October 2004, CPC Central Committee Civilization Committee ublicized "National Civilized City (District), Civilized Village and National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Establishment". Nanshan is one of the two village-level units of
09 monthIn September 2004, Nanshan Group was named as "National Demonstration Site of Agricultural or Industrial Tourism" by the National Tourism Administration of the P.R.C.
07 monthIn July 2004, the National Bureau of Statistics of China publicized the list of 1948 national large industrial enterprises of 2003 and Nanshan Group ranked the 185th.
1999 year
05 monthIn May 1999, Qiancun Village was awarded the honorary title of "National Advanced Unit in Establishing Civilized Towns and Villages" by the CPC Central Committee Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission.