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1999 year
05 month Qiancun Village was awarded the honorary title of "National Advanced Unit in Establishing Civilized Towns and Villages" by the CPC Central Committee Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission.
1998 year
08 month "Nanshan Brand" series of products were recommended as "National Customers Trustworthy Quality Product" by China Foundation of Consumer Protection.
1995 year
01 month Nanshan Industrial Residential Area was appraised as "Demonstration Village of National Township Enterprise" by the Ministry of Agriculture.
1994 year
10 monthNanshan Group Corporation was listed the "Shandong Province Top 100 Township Enterprises with Strong Comprehensive Economic Power" by the provincial statistics bureau, township enterprise bureau and rural economic survey team an
1993 year
07 monthThe National Bureau of Statistics of China publicized the list of National Top 500 Largest Township Enterprise and Nanshan Group Corporation ranked the 126th.