• Brand is the property exclusively owned by an enterprise. It is the essence and spirit of an enterprise and reflects the unique temperament of an enterprise. For 30 years since its establishment, Nanshan Group has been striving to shoulder social responsibility and helping the local people become rich with quality products, good service, continuous innovation and development; Nanshan people also endeavor to build its core ability and accumulate hundred-year enterprise with modest attitude, honest and practical spirit and the style to act at once.
  • As Nanshan Group constantly dabbles in the field of mass consumption, the brand of Nanshan Group gradually becomes well-known in China and enters the foreign market. Nanshan Group is among the top of aluminum industry and textile industry of China and possesses the extensive popularity which it is worthy of. It rises quickly in tourism, golf, etc. and the influence of its brand increases steadily.
  • However, we are not satisfied for our achievements and we will continue as always to improve the life quality and taste of the people through utilization of new technology, strict quality control, high level service, top class environment experience, products and service of high performance-price ratio.
  • With the same goal and values, Nanshan people are always devoted to improving the life quality and taste of the people.
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